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Wish you knew what your dog was trying to tell you? Bowlingual Dog Interpreter !

Wish you knew what your Yorkie was trying to tell you? Bowlingual Dog Interpreter!

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Thieves Make Off With Store's Puppies
By JOSE PATINO GIRONA jpatino@tampatrib.com
Published: Jul 20, 2002

VALRICO - This time no one let the dogs out.
They are being stolen.

The owner and employees at Puppy & Kitty Nursery in Valrico say 17 puppies have been stolen this year from the store at 1977 State Road 60.

Just this month, two men ran out of the store with a Yorkshire terrier and a miniature Doberman pinscher in a satchel. Two days later, a chocolate cocker spaniel, valued between $1,600 to $2,200, was also stolen during business hours, said Kathryn Cork, a sales manager at the store.

The store is offering a $2,000 reward for the return of the chocolate cocker spaniel, named Cocoa, and prosecution of the people who stole it. It's also offering a $500 reward for the safe return of each of the other stolen dogs.

``It goes in periods,'' said Michael Julian, the store's owner. ``You really don't know what the motivation of the people is.

``It's an organized effort. It's not a random thing,'' he said.

The six-year-old pet store sits in a strip mall at the corner of State Road 60 and Valrico Road. Customers converge on the store to pet the 60-plus puppies that are in individual pens. Store rules allow customers to take the dogs out of the pens and play with them in a fenced-in area inside the store. On any afternoon, a number of adults with their young children and teenagers crowd the store to play with the puppies.

The store has a number of types of dogs. They range from 8 weeks old and up. The ones that are stolen are mostly Yorkshire terriers, miniature Doberman pinschers and Chihuahuas.

Cork said sometimes a group of people enter the store at one time. One or two people in the group distract the employee while another person steals the dog. The suspects have been known to put a small dog under their shirts, in a purse or in a bag, Cork said.

They probably keep it as a pet or sell it. They also might have a connection with the puppy. When people visit the store, they play with the puppies, get to know them and get attached, she said.

``This is an emotional place,'' said Cork, who has worked at the store since it opened.

The store has made some security shifts, such as moving the employee desk to the front of the store. But Julian and Cork remain concerned and worry the puppy thefts may continue.

``We always look for the ones watching us,'' Cork said. ``The ones who are watching us are going to steal our dogs.'' Reporter Jose Patino Girona can be reached at (813) 657-4534.

Just looking for a home

Nancy Wojtas/Messenger Post Correspondent June 12, 2002

Anna Holley, 5, of Webster, cuddles with one of the four puppies that was available for adoption during the Animal Service League’s “Adopt-A-Pet.” day. (STAFF PHOTO/CARRIE ANN GRIPPO)

Animal Service League holds Adopt A Pet Day at Webster Public Library
"My mom told me that, if a dog and a cat grow up together, then they will be friends," said 7-year-old Andrew Pacher of Webster.

Pacher, along with his sister, Victoria, 9, and his mother, Ann, were among the adults and children at the Webster Public Library on Saturday, June 8, to visit the puppies, kittens, cat and guinea pig brought there for Adopt A Pet Day.

"We had 16 cats on our farm on Atlantic Avenue when I was growing up," said John Bundschuh, who stopped by to see the animals with his wife, Marilyn, and their granddaughter, Monica, "Today, we have a Yorkshire Terrier and have adopted other dogs in the past."

The event, which is held twice a year at the library, was sponsored by the Animal Service League, a volunteer group that will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in Rochester in 2003..

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